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RollsPack is proud to be Australia’s top supplier of tamper evident packaging and security bags. We specialise in security bags and products, courier satchels or mailers and banking bags for cheques and cash with barcoded receipts. Tamper evident bags and products are essential in a number of different professions, including:

  • Police Bag: Breathable Evidence Bags and Non-breathable Evidence Bags, Prison Bags, Correspondence, Video Bags, Forensic Photos
  • Bank Bags
  • Airlines: Collection of Monies
  • Racing: Horse Racing, TAB and Specimen Testing
  • Education: Examination Documents including Examination Results
  • Government: Top Secret Documents
  • Foreign Currency Exchange: Amex & Travelex
  • Casinos
  • Transport: Bus Lines & Railways
  • Courier Satchels/Mailing Bags
  • Councils: Collection of Meter Monies, Parking Lots
  • Cash Bags, Security Bags, Tamper Evident Bags

RollsPack has a ‘Secur-Safe’ product range which consists of one-time use security bags and satchels with tamper evident closures, cash-in-transit bags for cash carriers, police chain of evidence bags (which can be non-breathable for carrying organic materials), tough light-weight coin bags, and courier bags. Also available is the EnvoPak range of security chambers, with reusable security seals for providing effective and practical tamper evident packaging on every journey.

Well Guarded.

Why do we need Tamper Evident & Security Packaging?

Tampering involves the deliberate altering or adulteration of information, a product, a package or system. No single solution can be considered as “tamper proof”, but RollsPack offers a range of security features which can be implemented to make it as a protected as possible. Some of the security considerations we examine at RollsPack include:

  • Identifying a potential offender
  • Improving the tamper resistance
  • Adding features to indicate the existence of tampering
  • Identify methods of unauthorized access
  • Considering secondary methods
  • Controlling or limiting access
  • Educating people on evidence of tampering

By making it as difficult to tamper with the product, package, or system in these ways, RollsPack’s tamper evident bags both prevent tampering from occurring and allow you to see that it has if it occurs.

What security level suits your needs?

In order to make our process as clear as possible, RollsPack has divided our security products into 4 categories. These range from low-risk items, such as courier and express satchels, to high-risk items, including police evidence bags and highly sensitive documentation. Our team of experts can help you determine the right level of security product to suit your needs. Click here to view RollsPack Security level definitions.

Level one

For low risk contents.

  • Can be Natural (clear) or Co-Ex (opaque) material
  • Has permanent closure, security side welds
  • A printed design on closure may display evidence of tampering
  • Example: Courier/mailer satchels

Level two

For medium risk contents.

  • Permanent closure
  • Print on security side welds with scalloped edges
  • Tamper evident tape – ‘Superior grade’ exposing VOID message
  • Example: Banking satchels

Level three

For high risk contents.

  • Complies with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and European Travel Retail Council (ETRC) requirements
  • Extremely strong, tear-resistant coextruded transparent polyethylene
  • Robust flat seam with micro print along the edge seals
  • Tamper evident sealing to give irreversible evidence of tampering Strong carry-handle, even for heavy weights
  • Example: STEB (Security Tamper Evident Bag) – i.e. Duty Free Bags

Level four

Maximum security for high risk contents.

  • Permanent closure
  • Print on security side welds with scalloped edges
  • Tamper evident tape – Premier grade with extreme temperature indicators
  • ‘Fugitive Ink’ indicating tampering with ‘wet’ methods
  • World class tamper evident tapes
  • Example: Evidence bags
  • SCEC Approved – Certificate of approval



accred-4Security mechanisms of RollsPacks security bags analysed and accredited by ISEGA, the independent international testing and certification institute.

Security mechanisms of RollsPacks security bags examined and accredited according to the regulations of the Security Tamper-Evident Bags Testing Protocol: AVS&C STEB/PROT-2008.V1, section II, section III, section IV and section V.

RollsPacks security bags analysed and accredited by The Union Internationale des Laboratories Indépendants, the worldwide organisation for testing and calibration laboratories and scientific consultants.

RollsPacks Secur-Safe Pouch analysed, accredited, endorsed and recommended for use by government agencies for Single-Use, Tamper-Evident, Secure Pouch.

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