CSD-ARCIS - Cash Spoiling

RollsPack, in partnership with ATM security experts ATM Security Systems International (ATMSSI), is proud to offer the CSD-ARCIS Cash Spoiling Device. 

Designed as the ultimate in theft deterrent, the CSD-ARCIS is a revolution in bank note protection and their movement. ATMSSI has taken the industry problem on with the CSD-ARCIS and made it their mission to move one step closer to completely eradicating bank note theft.

Built into the lid of the cash cassette, the CSD-ARCIS unit is a small electronic device which sits silently and vigilantly watching for tampering. Upon activation, the device sprays the notes with an incredibly effective fluid which is immediately absorbed into the fabric of the notes, fusing them together as a solid block. Attempts to peel off the notes or remove the hardened fluid permanently destroys the currency.

The unique deployment method is how the fluid is sprayed across the notes along strategically specific locations. This ensures only part of the block of notes is fused, leaving the serial numbers still visible. This ensures the notes although totally useless to the criminal, can be redeemed via the Central Bank on recovery.

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CSD-ARCIS - Cash Spoiling Device (Brochure)

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 How It Works

How It Works