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Evidence recovery security systems

RollsPack, in conjunction with UK criminal investigation product experts, Scenesafe, can offer kits and consumables to support the Australian criminal justice system. Focusing on four key areas of forensic application: evidence recovery systems, crime scene equipment, forensic laboratory equipment and training. Other products ranging from DNA Testing Units, Drug testing, Trauma Kits and new Fingerprint testing development to enhance latent prints which have been contaminated by water. We can offer tailored solutions, bespoke manufacturing with fast turn-around-times.

Download Scenesafe Brochure or contact us for more information.

Versapak Security Range

Secure your valuable and sensitive items with the Versapak range. The bags can be used to secure and transport cash, documents, blood and medical specimens, as well as storing votes for elections, personal items and keys. All bags can be completely customised, are reusable over 2,000 times and hold a five year guarantee.

Download our catalogue to view our full range.

Cash-in-Transit Security

RollsPack are the proud Australian agent for Villiger security products. VILLIGER SECURITY SOLUTIONS AG, established in 1988, belongs to the leading manufacturers of intelligent security solutions. By “intelligent security solutions” Villiger mean systems designed in a preventive manner that help avoid worst-case scenarios and robberies. This is achieved by early signalling – and the option for activation – of cash ink staining facilities. Such systems are also known as intelligent banknote neutralisation systems (IBNS).

The Villiger customer base includes well-known globally operating CIT vendors, banks, and manufacturers of cash handling devices, retailers as well as governmental institutions and postal services. Through a qualified sales and service network which is available worldwide, Villiger ensure a sustained support service for their solutions.

Plastic Security Sigma Seal

Sigma Seal secures cases, catering trolleys, curtain buckles, distribution/tote boxes, roll cages and tanker valves. The simple pull up design allows for speedy application and features large clear numbers for easy identification. The tear-line allows for removal by hand with a T shaped chamber to prevent reverse feeding. The Sigma Seal has a pull strength of 90 Newtons and is designed to fit an aperture size of 3mm x 3.1mm.

Download a Sigma Seal fact sheet (PDF) HERE.

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