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  1. Aussie Visitor’s Viewpoint

    RollsPack package
    Published: December 16 2016

    JAPAN is renowned for having the highest quality and most sophisticated packaging in the world, with the latest innovations on show every two years at Tokyo Pack. Phillip Rolls, MD of Australian flexible converting and printing specialist RollsPack, is a regular visitor to Tokyo Pack. This year he took along team members Anna Angelovski (national […]

  2. Rollspack is nominated for Business of the year 2015 award

    Published: September 11 2015

    Over 25 years ago, I started with a small empty factory having only a desk and a radiator  – and it was middle of winter and a recession time  to boot! Today, many recessions and many tough lessons later, we operate from 3 sites in Braeside, Sydney and New Zealand while currently setting up a factory […]

  3. Security Packaging

    Published: July 8 2015

    Specialising in security products, courier satchels/mailers and banking bags for cheques and cash with barcoded receipts. RollsPack ‘Secur-Safe’ product range consists of one-time use security satchels with tamper-evident closures, cash-in-transit bags for cash carriers, police chain of evidence bags (breathable and non-breathable for organic materials), tough light-weight coin bags, and courier bags/mailers. Featuring 4 categories […]

  4. RollsPack Warehouse

    Published: July 8 2015

    RollsPack offers a modern, clean warehouse and distribution facility, featuring functional and efficient storage and delivery of your printed materials.

  5. RollsPack Staff

    Published: July 8 2015

    Sharp minds, pioneering spirits and motivated dedicated people are our greatest asset. At RollsPack we are printing experts, materials specialists, champions of competitive pricing, environmentally conscious and highly motivated skilled professionals. Our team of professionals present a level of expertise that guarantees performance, consistently. Our family owned and operated company revels in an inclusive and […]

  6. RollsPack Head Office, Braeside VIC

    Published: July 8 2015

    RollsPack have several offices in Australia and worldwide.Click here to see our office locations and contact details.

  7. Food Packaging

    Published: July 8 2015

    Stunning graphics, lasting shelf life, barrier films, stand-up pouches, printed rewind rolls. We create unique and everyday packaging for the big names in the industry and the newcomers that are getting noticed. Convenient features for handling, display, opening, use and re-use combine with impeccable quality Gravure and flexo printing processes that you won’t find anywhere […]

  8. Gravure Printing Press

    Published: July 8 2015
  9. RollsPack at Tokyo Pack

    Published: October 7 2014


  10. Australian flexible packaging company steps up to the plate

    Published: September 30 2014

    RollsPack, will take on print packaging’s big players with the recent purchase of cutting edge technology that has this family-owned SME keen to draw positive attention to Australian manufacturing. Previously the domain of large international companies, RollsPack’s new customised gravure press is unique to the marketplace and offers high resolution, lifelike imagery for plastics packaging. […]


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