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Food Packaging

RollsPack offers a wide variety of practical, efficient, yet exciting food packaging that will help your company stand out from the rest. We apply advanced marketing and communication techniques to surface of the product to make it as desirable as possible, while expressing how to use it, store it, and dispose of it once you’re done. At the same time, RollsPack goes into explicit detail about the ingredients and nutritional contents of the product.

At RollsPack, we know it’s important for our product is convenient in every sense of the word. This is why we provide a remarkably quick turnaround, as little as 2-3 weeks when needed. Similarly, all RollsPack packaging is convenient to use and handle, and the high quality of our barrier films and laminates keep out critical environmental factors, such as air and moisture. This, combined with the protection from shock, prolongs shelf-life and maintains a lasting freshness.

At RollsPack, we endeavour to be one of the best food packaging companies in Australia, so we always strive to have modern materials and production techniques. This is embodied in our Gravure and flexo printing processes, which allows films to be customised, printed, and laminated on to a wide range of different formats.

Our world-class facilities create chic finishes, clear windows, and a variety of ingenious hanging and sealing options that are guaranteed to make some of the most head-turning Australian food packaging designs on the shelves. Our unique Stand-Up Pouches and the new Box-Bottom Pouch with easy Pull-tab easy opening & seal are an innovative alternative to the traditional cardboard box packaging, made from industrial barrier films to provide a higher standard of quality protection.

To see how having packaging designed and created by one of the best food packaging Australia has to offer can help your brand, call 1800 RollsPack or [email protected] today.

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